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FREE ARE Case Studies Webinar!

Architect Exam Prep Presents a Free Webinar:

Everything you need to know about the Case Studies in the ARE

The most intimidating aspect of the Architect Registration Exams (ARE), are often the Case Studies. These questions ask you to interpret your answers based on a set of drawings and documents. Candidates feel it is the area in which they are least prepared and their top source of anxiety in taking the tests.

In this free webinar, we’ll explore the Case Studies and how they work. We’ll give you practical tips for reducing your anxiety and improving your score.

Whether you’ve taken a few exams and failed, or just heard stories from friends, the six divisions of the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) are tough. In order to pass, you need to do more than just study some books. You need to change your mindset and rethink how you approach these questions.

If you are currently taking the ARE divisions, or planning on taking or retaking them, this webinar is for you. Also, previous registrants from our other free webinars are welcome.

In this webinar, chat directly with the founders of Architect Exam Prep, David and Eric, who will share the secrets learned from coaching thousands of young architects studying for their exams.
* Discover valuable time-saving techniques to speed your time through the Case Studies
* Uncover ways to feel confident and prepared in responding to the Case Studies
* Understand how the Case Studies fit into the overall exam

This FREE webinar is your chance to overcome obstacles, pass the exams, get licensed, and move forward with your career as an architect.


COST: Free!

All are welcome including previous registrants

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