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2014 Transitions Round Table Recap

2014 Transitions Roundtable


In case you missed it here’s a quick recap of our August event.  Every year we have a panel discussion where we ask three leaders in the local architectural community to answer questions and provide some guidance for the upcoming generation of architects.  This year we were honored to have Deb Kunce, Bob Snyder, and Tony Costello on the panel.  Each of them provided a unique insight into what is important in an architectural career as well as life outside the studio.  Below are some highlights.

When asked about what was the most important thing a young architect could be doing to grow a healthy lifelong career the answer was simple.  Network.  Get to know everyone around you; whether they are coworkers, clients, or acquaintances you make through other activities.  Years from now those contacts will remember your name when they need an architect.

On the issue of completing the ARE and IDP to become a registered architect all three panelists agreed that it should be done as early as possible.  It can be a hurdle in a young career and it’s better to clear it as soon as you can – life will always get more and more busy.

When interviewing for a position at a firm the panelists encouraged us ask many questions.  Explore the idea of work/life balance.  They recommended asking to sit with the most recent hire (or group of new employees at lunch) to really gain a feel for the company and what they will expect of you.  A key question you should be asking is “How will this firm support me as a person – not just as a technical production employee?”

On the issue that practicing architecture can easily become an obsession all three panelists urged us to form good habits while we’re young.  Our work, although important, should never take precedence over our family, friends, or faith.  If we need to work extra hours or late at night we were encouraged to do so from home.  Use technology (remote connections, powerful laptops, etc.) to our advantage to preserve an appropriate balance.

In closing here are a few verbatim quotes from the evening.  We hope to see you all at our monthly events.
“You will not be the next Frank Lloyd Wright.”
“Make more friends – now.  Never piss anyone off.”
“Get registered as soon as you can.”
“Do what you feel you’re good at – that which makes you happy.”
“It’s OK to not be a designer.”



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