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Indy Rezone Focus Group – Recap

It was an evening of lively discussion; from IPS school performance, to abandoned housing, storm water treatment, and even urban chickens!

The Rezone team offered a very good presentation, followed by live polling on specific questions that were used to start discussion.  As young urban professionals with design experience, our input was refreshing to the presenters.  We are design conscious and aware of the important issues, issues we deal with on a regular basis.

We hope that the Indy Rezone team can bring our concerns to Indy’s Zoning, that has not been looked at for sometime.

“Excellent event. I was worried a zoning discussion might be dull, but I really enjoyed it. I was impressed with how smart, progressive, and on top of their game the city’s planners are. It’s good to know we have some talented people working for the city.” – Brandon Farley (event attendee)

Abandoned house on 17th St.


YAF Day at the Statehouse

A small group of us had a great time at the statehouse this year. We got a chance to take in the beauty of the structure along with all of the craziness that happens within. In the end all of us were able to speak with our legislators from both the House and the Senate.

Unfortunately several of the AIA supported bills had already fallen to the wayside, but we were still able to express our wholehearted support for both the Good Samaritan Bill and the Transit Bill. View Jason Shelley’s latest Legislative Newsletter here. Also follow the transit movement at @indyconnectnow and @indyconnect, a full fledged transit system would do absolutely amazing things for this city and the surrounding area.

We make sure to do this event every year, hope to see even more YAF lobbyist out there next year!